NDSA submts comments on Livestock Dealer Trust Study
NDSA submits comments on the use of cell-culture technology in developing products derived from livestock and poultry.
NDSA submits comments on 150 air-mile rule
NDSA submits comments on proposed Namibia import rule.
NDSA submits comments on a new Beef Promotion & Research Program.
NDSA submits comments on the Environmental Protection Agency's definition of waters of the United States (WOTUS).
Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineer's "Interpretive Rule" on the Normal Farming and Ranching exemptions of the Clean Water Act.
NDSA submits comments on the proposed establishment of the Powder River Training Complex Military Operations - North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana and Wyoming.
NDSA submits comments on APHIS 2013-0105, Notice of Availability of Evaluations of the Foot-and-Mouth Disease and Rinderpest Status of a Region of Patagonia, Argentina.
NDSA submits comments on the United States Department of Transportation's Comprehensive Truck Size and Weight Limits Study.
NDSA submits comments on the North Dakota Greater Sage-Grouse Draft Resource Management Plan Amendment and Environmental Impact Statement.
NDSA submits comments on US Fish & Wildlife's proposed listing of the Dakota skipper and Poweshiek skipperling butterflies as 'threatened" and 'endangered" species, respectively.
NDSA submits comments on  EPA's NPDES Electronic Reporting Rule proposal.
NDSA submits comments on draft Black-Footed Ferret Safe Harbor Agreement and Environmental Assessment
NDSA submits comments on Non-Point Source Program Guidelines.
NDSA submits comments on EPA's proposed dust standards.
NDSA submits comments on the proposed amended labeling for Rozol Prairie Dog Bait.
NDSA submits comments in support of Beef Promotion and Research Order amendment.
NDSA submits comments on Northern Plains Heritage Area Draft Management Plan.
NDSA signed onto comments on the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and National Marine Fisheries Service's draft policy in the interpretation of "Significant Portion of Range" in the Endangered Species Act.
NDSA comments on the effects of Rozol Prairie Dog Bait on threatened and endangered species.
NDSA comments on proposed CAFO Reporting Rule.
NDSA comments on proposed Animal Disease Traceability Rule.
NDSA comments on U.S. Department of Labor's proposed child labor regulations.
NDSA comments on Dakota Grassland Conservation Area.
NDSA comments on EPA's proposed "Guidance Regarding Identification of Waters" protected by the Clean Water Act.
NDSA comments on Cattlemen's Beef Board Roles & Responsibilities document.
NDSA signs onto Forest Planning Rule comments.
NDSA submits comments on the Grain Inspection, Packers & Stockyards Administration's (GIPSA) proposed rule on Nov. 22.
NDSA submits comments on the Powder River Training Complex proposal.
EPA extends compliance date on Spill Prevention Rule by one year.
GIPSA Update: NDSA prepares remarks for USDA/DOJ Livestock Competition Listening Session.
NDSA submits comments opposing EPA's propsal for more stringent levels for particulate matter standards.
Read about the rule the Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration (GIPSA) is proposing to add several new sections to the regulations under the Packers and Stockyards Act.
Stockmen's Association comments on Bovine Brucellosis Program.
Stockmen's Association comments on the registration of Rozol Prairie Dog Bait.
Stockmen's Association comments on meat inspection rules.