Yes, it’s true – lean beef can be a delicious part of a heart-healthy diet. According to the American Heart Association, cardiovascular diseases, including stroke, are the No. 1 cause of death in the United States. With such staggering statistics, it’s more important than ever for Americans to understand how to make informed dietary choices while still enjoying the foods they love – such as lean beef.
Lean Beef is heart-healthy because it:
1. Is A Nutritional Powerhouse:
·         On average, one 3-ounce serving of lean beef is only 154 calories yet a naturally rich source of 10 essential nutrients – including protein, iron, zinc and B-vitamins.
2. Can Be Part of a Heart-Healthy Diet:
·         Research shows naturally nutrient-rich lean beef can be an important part of a heart healthy diet and when trimmed of visible fat, lean beef can be a part of a low saturated fat diet and does not increase heart disease risk factors.
3. Contains Healthy Fat:
·         Half the fat in beef is monounsaturated, the same heart-healthy kind found in olive oil.
·         One-third of the saturated fat in beef is stearic acid, which has a neutral effect on blood cholesterol levels and is the same fat recognized in chocolate for its benefits.
4. Packs a Protein Punch:
  • Beef is an excellent source of protein, a powerful nutrient that helps strengthen and sustain bodies and hearts.
  • A substantial body of evidence shows protein can help in maintaining a healthy weight, building muscle and fueling physical activity – all of which play an important role in a healthful lifestyle and disease prevention.
 5. Offers More than 29 Choices:
·         With more than 29 lean cuts of beef, including favorites like Flank steak, Tenderloin, 95 percent lean Ground Beef and T-Bone, it’s easy to find a variety of delicious, heart-healthy beef options for your next meal.
For more information about building a heart-healthy diet with lean beef, check out the newest fact sheet, Building a Heart Healthy Diet with Lean Beef.
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