NDSA members encouraged to become Masters of Beef Advocacy

What is the MBA?

The MBA program is a self-directed online training program designed to equip beef producers and industry allies with the information they need to be everyday advocates for the beef industry. MBA candidates will be required to complete six courses in beef advocacy, including:

• Modern Beef Production – Sharing the many benefits of modern, efficient U.S. beef production
• Animal Care – Explaining our commitment to  raising healthy animals
• Beef Safety – Communicating why producing safe food for consumers is a top priority
• Beef Nutrition – Explaining how great-tasting beef strengthens and sustains our bodies
• Environmental Stewardship – Sharing how we’re protecting the environment for future generations
• The Beef Checkoff – Communicating the value of your investment in growing demand for beef

As the gap between consumers and agriculture widens, consumers have questions about how beef is raised.
Farmers and ranchers can bridge that gap by answering questions and telling their personal stories.