National Institute of Food and Agriculture Veterinary Medicine Loan Repayment Program
This is the fifth year for the national  Veterinary Medicine Loan  Repayment Program (VMLRP) provided by USDA’s National Institute of  Food and Agriculture (NIFA). 
States are asked to nominate specific counties, cities, areas in their states, in need of a veterinarian and to provide information to support the request(s).   
We have been able to nominate most or all areas requested, but that does not guarantee that areas we submit will be selected by the national review committee.
We can re-nominate areas.
If you wish to have an additional  specific  area nominated in ND, please provide our office with information to  support  the nomination.  The nomination form is attached for you to fill out and  either e:mail or fax back to our office.  And, to help you submit a nomination, please consider the following guidance:
1.       Provide data/statistics relating to number of livestock, veterinarians, producers in the area
2.       Explain if there are any recent losses of veterinary providers or pending retirements
3.       Define the size/radius of the practice area and surrounding area
4.       Outline risks of not having a veterinarian, quantify economic risks, risks to human/animal health if possible
5.       List specific types of duties required (i.e. cattle reproductive services, etc.)
6.       List existing facilities or available resources, such as community funding, etc.
7.       Reference specific past attempts to recruit a veterinarian
Information about the application is available at:
In 2013, ND had one award offered and accepted.  The state offices are not provided the names of the recipients.   Click on the link above to see the maps and the areas nominated.
It is anticipated that the shortage maps for 2014 will be posted in April of 2014.
We can forward no more than five recommendations to USDA-NIFA.  Please designate new areas submitted for consideration as a Type 1 (at  least 80% food animal) or Type 2 (at least 30% food animal) shortage.  Both types are considered important.  The NIFA nomination committee is aware  that  some areas cannot support a veterinarian to do food animal work all of the  time.  In order to have a veterinarian available to provide food animal  services, in some geographic locations and situations there must be enough additional companion animal/equine work available to supplement a  veterinarian’s income.
Please submit the nomination form electronically to the office ( ) by March 6-2014.
Please contact our office at 701-328-2655 if you have any questions.
Thank you,
Susan Keller DVM
State Veterinarian, State Board of Animal Health
Department of Agriculture, Animal Health Division
600 East Blvd., Dept 602
Bismarck , North Dakota  58505-0020
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