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– North Dakota Cattle Directory
North Dakota
Cattle Directory,
Issue 12
Published in Jan. 2016
by the North Dakota
Stockmen’s Assoc.,
407 S. 2nd St.
Bismarck, ND 58504
The Purpose
The North Dakota Cattle Directory is produced
by the North Dakota Stockmen’s Assoc. once
every two years to help promote the excel-
lence of the state’s cattle & related livestock
businesses. It is our sincere wish that this
publication will help introduce cattle buyers to
cattle producers and other agribusinessmen
and women while enhancing the awareness
of North Dakota’s superior genetics across the
state, country and world.
For 86 years, the NDSA has been protecting
the interests of the state’s cattle producers.
The NDSA is the state’s spokesperson for the
beef cattle industry... a voice heard through
the halls of the State Capitol to the state’s
farms ranches and all the way to Washington,
D.C. It can and does work 365 days a year for
cattle producers. Nearly 40 unpaid officers
and directors, as well as, past presidents, a
dedicated office and field staff work on their
behalf. For membership information, call the
NDSA today at (701) 223-2522.
North Dakota
District 1
Kevin Elliott, Clifford
Dan Rorvig, McVille
Levi Rue, Sheyenne
Jeff Schafer, New Rockford
District 2
Brian Amundson, Jamestown
Curtis Brown, Montpelier
Jeffrey Bunn, Lisbon
Gene Heinrich, Medina
District 3
Doug Bichler, Linton
Jeremy Doan, Bismarck
Tim Erbele, Streeter
Darrell D. Oswald,Wing
District 4
Jamie Hauge, Carson
Fred Helbling, Mandan
Jonathan Marohl, Solen
RobertTweeten, Hensler
District 5
Pete Best,Watford City
Paige Burian, Manning
Wayne Gerbig, Amidon
WintonWold,Watford City
District 6
Roger Effertz, Granville
Mark Giedd,Washburn
Dennis Jacobson,Wildrose
Randy Schmitt, Rugby
Office Staff:
(701)223-2522 •Fax (701)223-2587
Julie Ellingson
Stan Misek
Mary Goeres
Trevor Graff
Scott Ressler
Laiken Aune
Sherry Schulz
Steve Brooks, Bowman
Vice President:
Warren Zenker, Gackle
Immediate Past President:
Jason Zahn, Towner
Executive Vice President:
Julie Ellingson, St. Anthony
Rachael Preusse
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