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North Dakota Cattle...
• The North Dakota cattle industry
contributes more than $1 billion in cash
receipts to the state’s agriculture sector.
• The state ranks 15th in the nation for the
total number of beef cattle – 1.65 million
• North Dakota producers calved more than
904,000 cows in 2014.
• The state’s agriculture sector includes more
than 8,900 cattle producers.
• North Dakota has been recognized by
cattle producers as well as state and federal
officials, around the world, for producing
disease-free cattle. North Dakota is a
Tuberculosis- and Brucellosis-free state.
• North Dakota cattle producers are
dedicated to the responsible production
of a safe & wholesome product, beef,
and have in place a state Beef Quality
Assurance Program to ensure that quality.
All cattle operations in North Dakota are
family operated. These cattlemen and
cattlewomen are experts at what they do –
attending to the care, nutrition and health
of their animals.
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