Branding Iron


Stan Misek
Chief Brand Inspector,
We have been seeing quite a few producers selling their spring-born calves off the cows early this year because of the drought. In many cases, the 350-pound calves have been bringing more than the 550-pound calves brought last year. I visited with quite a few producers from western North Dakota at a recent horse sale, and they are all talking about selling calves in early September. That way, the cows will have a chance to put on a little weight before going into winter again.
I have been getting calls from people looking on places like to find people with some extra feed and grass for sale. Before entering into a contract with someone, make sure to check them out. If you happen to make a deal, make sure you have a written contract with the other party and check on your cattle on a regular basis to make sure they are being cared for the way they are supposed to be.
When marketing your calves off the ranch, remember that you have to have a brand inspection to leave the state. You should also give your local brand inspector a call and line him or her up ahead of time. If you are unable to find a brand inspector for the day you need one, give me a call at (701) 223-2522 and I will be happy to help you find one.






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