Branding Iron


Stan Misek
Chief Brand Inspector,
Last month, I participated in a Bovine Emergency Response Plan training course for first responders hosted by the North Dakota State University Extension Service. The training focused on how to deal with the rollover of loaded livestock trucks and trailers, the equipment that is needed to have on hand and the steps that should be followed in the event you are called to assist with such an incident.
The meeting organizers had a tractor- trailer on hand to show the first responders all the different compartments a trailer has and explained how and where to cut the trailers apart in order to get the livestock out most efficiently and with the least amount of damage.
Of course, human safety is the most important thing to remember in these types of cases.
Over the years, the NDSA has hosted rollover trainings for many first responders in the state as well. If you are interested in having some training done for your local fire department or another entity, call me and we can make arrangements for that.
You never know when something like that will happen in your area. Of course, most rollovers occur in the winter, when road conditions are poor due to snow, ice and impaired visibility.
Bull sale preparation
Bull sale season is right around the corner. If you are a seedstock producer having a sale at your ranch, be sure to line up a brand inspector ahead of time.
If you are having a difficult time finding an inspector who is able to be at your sale, give me a call at (701) 223-2522 or (701) 720-2430 and I will help you find one.
Warmest wishes for a safe and prosperous 2018.
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