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Posted 08/06/2019

For immediate release Aug. 1, 2019

For more information, contact: Blaine Northrop, NDSA chief brand inspector • (701) 223-2522 •

                                                       Julie Ellingson, NDSA executive vice president • (701) 223-2522 •

                                                       Emily Bendish, NDSA communications director • (701) 223-2522 •


Freeze brands now legal proof of ownership on cattle


Effective Aug. 1, freeze brands are now considered legal proof of ownership on cattle in North Dakota, just as they already are on horses and mules. The passage of HB 1166, makes North Dakota’s brand laws consistent with most other brand states and provinces in North America and gives livestock owners another option to choose from when identifying their cattle. Cattle producers now have hot-iron and freeze brands as branding option in the state.


“We are pleased that freeze brands are now available for cattle, just like they are already for horses and mules,” said North Dakota Stockmen’s Association (NDSA) Chief Brand Inspector Blaine Northrop. “Having another way for producers to legally identify their cattle in the state aids in identification.”


In order to be a legal proof of ownership, brands must be registered. Brand registration forms and tips can be found at under “Brand Recording” or by calling (701) 223-2522.


Legalizing freeze brands on cattle was a priority for the NDSA going into this year’s legislative session. HB 1166 was based on policy passed at the NDSA’s 2017 Annual Convention & Trade Show.